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    King Kong Nation_Health and Fitness Company_Fitness Apparatus_Fit to Height Fitness Leggings

    King Kong Nation is a personalized, Health and Fitness Company.  We focus on making it achievable for anyone to embody a healthier life style as we individualize your needs through our products and services.


    Our Products

    5 Star Boot(s): The 5 Star Boots are the new an innovative and versatile set of foot boots that will improve your results by making your leg, core and glute workout so much more efficient. What makes this so different from the other gym gear is that it contains 5 clips top, bottom, back and sides that will allow you to clip on to your resistance bands or cable machine and incorporate into any workout you are performing. You will feel a more concentrated squeeze on the glute or abdominal muscles when performing your exercise. This beats having the strap wrapped around your ankle(s) and either causing irritation/pain or simply the band/cable moving and not allowing you to perform your exercise. The 5 Star Boots consist of a durable polyester strap with 5 rings attached and very easy to clip to a band or cable machine. We offer 2 sizes a large and a small which will come in a pair not sold individually.