Harold and Ana Kelley found a solution for many people that want to be able to have a good workout without having to go thru pain due to bad ankle(s) or bad Knee(s).

Harold Kelley, shares the story below on how the 5 Star Boots where created.

"My wife Ana Kelley, is always performing different exercises strapping her ankles and clipping them to her resistance bands and/or the cable machine. Her ankle was completely shattered from a car accident we had and for the most part her ankle swells and she is in pain because of arthritis. The ankle strap would only irritate, burn or cause more pain to that area. As we continued to tweak the workouts from glute cable kicks, hanging knee raises, mountain climbers to cable hip abduction and more, the idea came about to have a strap around the shoe. This would allow her to perform any exercise without pain or irritation, while allowing her to focus more on the squeeze and really performing the exercise effectively."

-Harold Kelley

Bad Knees or Ankles-5 Star Boots are the solution